Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Meet your goals by rebalancing accounts to stay in line with your risk tolerance.

Don’t base permanent decisions on temporary emotions.

On a day-to-day basis, we manage our clients’ portfolios based on strategy and data, not assumptions and emotions. We communicate directly with our clients so we understand their tolerance for risk, and we work with outside experts to make sure our actions are on track.

We adhere to the tried-and-true disciplines of diversification, periodic rebalancing and looking forward, while not making investment decisions based on where we have been. Making market decisions based on what might happen may be detrimental to long-term performance.

The key is to stay invested and stick with the financial plan. Markets go up and down over time, and downturns present opportunities to purchase stocks at a lower value.

What You Need to Know

We approach the daily practice of portfolio management with an eye toward the future, developing strategies based on what the next five to seven years will bring and keeping the best practices of distribution planning in mind.

It’s important to understand the level of risk you are willing to take with your investments during the stage of accumulation (growth) and into retirement (income protection) so that your money outlives you, rather than the opposite.

What Sets Us Apart

We are proud to be an exceptional independent fiduciary that always puts its clients first. Our independence is vital to our ability to deliver wealth planning that transforms the lives of our clients.

A large firm typically is bound to use that firm’s proprietary — or at least, preferred — family of funds, financial products or services. Independent fiduciaries like ours can select from any options that provide the best fit for a client’s needs, so we can make decisions with the goal of delivering strong performance.

Other Services and Specialties

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Wealth Management

Comprehensive planning that is aligned and in sync with your investment portfolio.

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Financial Planning

Develop your long-term goals, take stock of your net worth and work toward your needs.

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Distribution Planning

Maximize your retirement income while minimizing your investment taxes.

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Liquidity Management

We focus on publicly traded liquid markets, which allows us to reduce value disruption in market downturns.

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Estate Planning

Ensure that your legacy will be protected and your assets will be cared for according to your wishes.

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Meet the Team

We are a dynamic team with a passion for our work and a commitment to provide outstanding service.

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