Business Continuity

The CD Wealth Management computing and data storage environment is completely recoverable during a disaster. Disasters can be anything from inaccessibility to the office due to severe weather conditions to something as large as a building fire that makes the onsite equipment and data unrecoverable. Disaster recovery scenarios vary, but CD Wealth Management has made plans to ensure that our data is secure and available from one of our redundant sources.

Facilities are in place to make the data stored on-site accessible remotely when physical access is not possible. Internet providers with different backbones are connected to the office 24/7. Each employee can access resources on office servers whether at home during a storm, or thousands of miles away in a hotel.

On the occasion of a full disaster where our office becomes inaccessible, a backup set of servers is available from our IT provider, Loge MS, through Agility, located in North Carolina. These servers are able to be activated in a matter of minutes, putting our staff back to work for you. Additionally, resources with our broker-dealer Kestra Investment Services, LLC are available through the web 24/7.

CD Wealth Management’s ability to serve your financial needs through disaster, big or small, is a priority. We will continue to test and evolve our plans to the greatest extent possible in order to ensure uninterrupted service.

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