Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

With experience, vision and independence, CD Wealth Management helps clients grow, maximize and protect their assets and legacies.

Wealth Management
Comprehensive planning that is aligned and in sync with your investment portfolio.

The practice of wealth management goes far beyond developing a strong investment portfolio. We rely on our established processes to gain a comprehensive view of our clients’ financial health so that every future decision they make — buying a vacation home, philanthropic planning, gifts to children and grandchildren — fits into their overall strategy.

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Portfolio Management
Meet your goals by rebalancing accounts to stay in line with your risk tolerance.

On a day-to-day basis, we manage our clients’ portfolios based on strategy and data, not assumptions and emotions. We communicate directly with our clients so we understand their tolerance for risk, and we work with outside experts to make sure our actions are on track.

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Financial Planning
Develop your goals, take stock of your net worth and work toward your needs.

When can you retire? How much money will you need? We’re here to help you answer those questions. Our team immerses itself in the process of getting to know our clients so there is no guesswork when it comes to planning for retirement.

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Tax Planning
Strategies designed to maximize your savings — and minimize how much you pay.

We offer broad-range planning that aims to mitigate your tax exposure, whether you are in the prime earning years of your career or enjoying your well-earned retirement. From charitable planning and tax loss harvesting to understanding the types of investments that work best based on your tax bracket, we are equipped to help you save more of your income for yourself.

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Liquidity Management
Our focus on publicly traded liquid markets reduces disruption in downturns.

How quickly can you access your money in a crisis? Your returns matter to us when we manage your portfolio, but so does your access to your money. That’s why we focus on investing in the publicly traded liquid markets.

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Distribution Planning
Maximize your retirement income while minimizing your investment taxes.

We work hard to balance our clients’ portfolio based on their stage of life and their tolerance for risk so they have peace of mind. We manage finances in the current climate with an eye on the future. Often, that means balancing investments where the risk varies so that growth potential can be maximized for tomorrow without jeopardizing the cost of living today.

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Estate Planning
Ensure that your legacy and your assets will be protected according to your wishes.

We work side by side with attorneys and accountants to make sure our clients’ wishes are spelled out and communicated clearly. We take a comprehensive, detail-driven approach to make sure you have the peace of mind to enjoy the life you’ve built. From the titling of accounts and designation of beneficiaries to tax planning that maximizes the value of your estate, we make sure all contingencies are covered to protect and grow your legacy.

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Deferred Compensation
Reward and retain your company’s top talent without straining your finances.

We work with privately owned companies to design long-term incentive plans that give valuable executives reason to stay. Our advisors offer best-in-class service with “golden handcuffs” strategies that meet the specific needs of every individual client.

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Clients We Serve

We are dedicated to partnering with our clients in the pursuit of growing and preserving their wealth.

Individuals & Families

We’re here to help you create more of what you value

Discover how our comprehensive standard of care helps you examine your financial picture from every angle.

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Women & Financial Wealth

Compassionate help for single, divorced or widowed women

We have resources to help newly divorced or widowed women make smart and informed financial decisions.

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Privately Held Businesses

Benefit plans to help you attract and retain key employees

We offer robust deferred compensation and executive benefit programs with an all-encompassing platform that includes plan design, financing, communication and day-to-day servicing.

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Owners & Executives in Transition

Navigate the maze of changing jobs or selling a business

We’ll help you pursue your next opportunities, organize your financial life, set priorities and pursue your goals.

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What’s right for you?

See which of our services are best for you and for your financial goals.

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