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Cynthia was referred by a friend to CD Wealth Management after her husband unexpectedly passed away. She was in her mid-50s, wasn’t working, and didn’t have a good understanding of her financial situation. Her husband had money in many different institutions and insurance firms.  


Andy Dropkin of CD Wealth Management began meeting regularly with Cynthia. At first their meetings were helpful to allow Cynthia to process her grief and to help her with the immediate financial needs of her situation. Andy learned that Cynthia had been approached by several financial management companies to try to “sell” her on programs, products, and plans for her benefit and a her large single stock position. Cynthia explained that she felt that Andy and the CD Wealth Management team was different because they took the time to just listen to her and make sure her needs were being met instead of jumping in right away to manage her money. 

In the months following her husband’s death, Cynthia faced an ugly legal family battle over the estate proceeds. Once again, Andy and the CD Wealth Management team worked with Cynthia and her attorney to protect her assets and help her get through the ugly ordeal. 

In the years since working with Andy and his team, Cynthia’s portfolio has blossomed. Her large single stock position went through a merger many years later. Andy helped her set up a donor advised fund to reduce some of the tax impact from the stock merger. Now to her delight, she is able to support her church and create a scholarship at a local university for students in need. 

Cynthia used to be skittish talking about topics related to finances and skeptical of people who shared their advice on money matters. Now, thanks to Andy and his team, she relies on CD Wealth Management as a trusted advisor and family friend.

Cynthia is a real client. Her name has been changed to protect her privacy.

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