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Main wage earner passes away, now what?


Norma’s husband passed away suddenly leaving her with bills, a mortgage, and a lack of financial education to plan for her and her children’s futures. 


Norma was referred by a friend to Ilona Friedman and her team at CD Wealth Management. At first, Norma was shell-shocked and she found it difficult to even leave the house. Ilona met with her at Norma’s home taking time to listen to stories about her late husband and what a wonderful man and provider he was. Ilona and her team helped her get organized, going through the bills and looking through insurance policies, financial account statements, and loan documents. Because her husband had a life insurance policy, Ilona helped Norma realize that as a woman in her 50s, she would have enough to allow her to pay off debt, keep the house, provide for her children’s college education, and plan for her early retirement. 

In the wake of one of the most difficult chapters of her life, her relationship with Ilona and the CD Wealth Management team is one of the bright spots. Her meetings with Ilona have even become a family affair. Norma now brings her kids to her meetings to help them get a financial education.

Norma is a real client. Her name has been changed to protect her privacy.

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