Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Strategies designed to maximize your savings — and minimize how much you pay.

We don’t know what tax rates will be in 10 years.

That’s why we work hard to make the most informed decisions we can, based on what is happening today. From the outset, our team seeks to understand your individual situation so we can help you build the most tax-efficient strategies possible — and we work alongside your accountant to make sure those plans are executed properly.

We offer broad-range planning that aims to mitigate your tax exposure, whether you are in the prime earning years of your career or enjoying your well-earned retirement. From charitable planning and tax loss harvesting to understanding the types of investments that work best based on your tax bracket, we are equipped to help you save more of your income for yourself.

We work with you to assess the timing of income, retirement savings and financial goals — and we recommend a course of action that gives you the lowest possible tax bill without sacrificing quality of life.

What You Need to Know

The practice of tax planning shouldn’t be limited to the weeks leading up to April 15 each year. Whether you are preparing your own returns or working with a CPA, staying informed about policy changes and regularly assessing your financial situation can help you build strategies that align with your goals.

Among the strategies we recommend for clients, depending on individual circumstances and tax brackets, are tax loss harvesting, maximizing IRA contributions, timing charitable contributions and delaying Social Security income.

What Sets Us Apart

Our comprehensive approach to wealth planning gives us both a high-level view of changes on the horizon and a detail-oriented work ethic when it comes to carrying out a plan. We work side by side with our clients’ accountants and tax professionals to make sure the course of action we recommend makes financial sense, and we also aim to make sure those plans are carried out.

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Note: CD Wealth Management and Kestra are not CPA firms and do not provide tax advice.

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