Liquidity Management

Liquidity Management

Our focus on publicly traded liquid markets reduces disruption in downturns.

How quickly can you access your money in a crisis?

Your returns matter to us when we manage your portfolio, but so does your access to your money. That’s why we focus on investing in the publicly traded liquid markets.

We provide access to those markets with a combination of individual stocks and bonds, index funds or exchange traded funds and mutual funds. If a crisis occurs and investors begin selling in mass, this can cause assets that are not as liquid to lead to further reduced value, as those investments are forced to sell into a market with a shortage of buyers.

Liquidity, like volatility, needs to be managed in a portfolio, and by focusing on holdings that are extremely liquid, we look to reduce value disruption that may occur in market downturns.

What You Need to Know

Illiquid assets are harder for investors to sell, harder to value and harder to control over how the assets are managed.

For example, if you decide to sell your home today, you must go through a process to obtain your money. The house may not sell for months, and then you may have to reduce the asking price.

Similarly, if you invest in a hedge fund or private equity investment, you may not have access to your funds on demand. There is a process to cash out, and it may take some time to liquidate — plus, the amount you receive could change based on market conditions.

What Sets Us Apart

Large financial firms typically oversee their operations themselves, from the clients’ strategies to investment reviews to the actual holding of the assets. At CD Wealth Management, those functions are carried out among different entities to ensure all dealings made on behalf of clients are handled properly.

We work directly with clients to build a personalized strategy, develop and manage portfolios and conduct reviews. Our partners at Fidelity Institutional® serve as the Clearing and Custody Platform, charged with the safekeeping and delivery of funds. Finally, all transactions are overseen by Kestra Financial, whose compliance reviews serve a watchdog function as an additional layer of security to protect our clients’ best interests.

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