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Services and Specialties

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Services for Individuals and Families
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Individuals and Families

Providing you a balanced, strategic plan for your portfolio.

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Financial Wealth
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Women and 
Financial Wealth

Simplifying the complexities of the financial maze.

Business Owners and Executives in Transition
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Owners and Executives in Transition

Changing jobs or selling your business? We’ll help you navigate the maze.

Wealth Management

CD Wealth Management’s comprehensive process begins with completing our proprietary Financial Profile for every single client. The Financial Profile is a working document that drives our entire decision-making process and maintains our focus on the client’s financial plan. Our wealth management services include: Estate Review, Estate Freezing Techniques, Trust Management, Business Succession Planning, Family Planning (Multi-Generational)

Savings/Wealth Accumulation

Savings/wealth accumulation is the continual process of evaluating your financial resources and determining the most appropriate investments and vehicles in which to allocate those resources. Our wealth accumulation services include: Expense Management, Tax Harvesting, College Planning, Charitable Planning, Annual Gifting

Risk Management

Risk management is the practice of assessing a client’s potential exposures, which could lead to adverse deviations from our desired outcome(s). Our risk management services include: Life/Disability, Insurance for Family Protection, Personal Insurance Review, Business Insurance Planning, Long Term Care Insurance

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is the discipline of professionally managing a client’s assets in coordination with the other components of their Financial Profile in order to generate a consolidated plan. Our portfolio management services include: Investment Management, Portfolio Summaries, Portfolio Rebalancing, Tax Efficient Investing, Roth Conversions, 401k Review

Financial Planning

Financial planning is the ongoing process of examining the client’s financial situation. Because our world is ever changing, we remain vigilant in constantly re-evaluating a client’s circumstances. Our financial planning services include: Cash Flow Management, Pension Review, Retirement Planning, Social Security Planning, Eldercare Review, Medicare Review

Distribution Planning

Distribution planning is the transformation of our savings/wealth accumulation process into a reliable income stream that is designed to last for the lifetime of a client. To address the full spectrum of these complexities, our advisors coordinate their efforts with your other professionals, and by leveraging these relationships, we form a unified plan that enhances the overall experience.

Deferred Compensation Programs

CD Wealth Management offers robust deferred compensation and executive benefit programs for businesses. Our all-encompassing platform includes plan design, financing, communication, and day to day servicing.

We have a specialized niche in implementing “golden handcuff” plans for privately held companies to help them retain and attract key employees.

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Our planning process has the rigor and comprehensiveness you would expect when trusting a firm with your financial well-being.

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Full transparency regarding the costs tailored to your salary, gender, and lifespan (aka your real life). We’ve got your back!

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