Services and Specialties

Our Services and Specialties

With experience, vision and independence, CD Wealth Management helps clients grow, maximize and protect their assets and legacies.

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Wealth Management

CD Wealth Management offers comprehensive planning that is aligned and in sync with your investment portfolio, with a wide range of services that encompasses all aspects of your financial life.

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Portfolio Management

Our team of professionals creates and recommends portfolios to meet your specific, individual financial goals with an intense focus on rebalancing accounts to stay in line with your objectives and risk tolerance.

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Financial Planning

We comprehensively assess your financial standing so we can help you develop long-term goals, take stock of your net worth and work toward your needs, from emergency funds and college savings to tax planning and retirement.

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Distribution Planning

We take a big-picture approach to help you build a reliable, lifelong income stream from your accumulated savings so you maximize your retirement income while minimizing your investment taxes.

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Liquidity Management

We carefully manage our clients’ portfolios by focusing on publicly traded liquid markets, which allows us to buy and sell investments more easily, reducing the value disruption that can occur in market downturns.

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Estate Planning

We offer comprehensive planning to ensure that your legacy will be protected well beyond your lifetime — and that your assets will be preserved, managed and distributed according to your wishes.

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